London Borough of Southwark

Leading Change - Building resilience and engagement

“It’s been quite a year in Southwark, and the Dynamic Voice programmes have made a real difference in keeping the teams working together during all the leadership changes and various challenges. Peer support, relationships and joint working between SMs and TMs have been very much enhanced”
Acting Director of Service – Southwark Adult Social Care


To enable the senior teams to effectively lead during a time of change driven by both internal and external factors.  This change had created new teams, new ways of working and new requirements of their customers.


Combination of profiling, modules, action learning sets and coaching – all learning was based around actual change projects that they had to deliver, and they presented approaches and outcomes at a final session.


  • Better cross service dialogue leading to more effective solutions leading to enhanced customer experience.
  • Higher performing teams and increased resilience and engagement
  • Important change projects delivered to time
  • Delegates valued the opportunity to focus on the important issues
  • Greater understanding of the different pressures they were all under and how they could support each other
  • Increased personal awareness