England Golf

“Their expertise has helped us to shape our strategic direction, mentor our new Board members and coach our Senior Managers through some challenging times. A great company to work with who have been very responsive to our needs. I would strongly recommend working with them”  

CEO, England Golf


A range of integrated services has been delivered over a period of about 15 months covering all the senior management levels in the organisation. Following development work at Board and Executive Committee level this programme was delivered to the Extended Management Team.  The initial objectives covered for the Board and Executive Committee were:

  1. Board facilitation: this was based around the key issues they were looking to hone. These were involved areas such as purpose and alignment, stakeholder management, influencing and negotiation, strategy development, and conflict resolution
  2. Executive Committee development: when working with this team it was more focussed around the areas they were finding more of a challenge.  This included, purpose and alignment, having difficult conversations, giving feedback, accountability.

As an outcome of the above, it was agreed that further development work with the broader management team would be valuable to cover the following:

  1. Extended Management team: it was agreed that due to the success of the previous sessions that they bring the extended team together.  During this session they looked at creating high performing teams, working across organisational boundaries, reducing silo based behaviours, team based creativity, managing upwards/assertiveness and adaptive leadership.


As a result of programme 3, the key outcomes were:

  • They all gained a greater understanding of the high performing team dynamic.
  • They contributed more cohesively in solving problems.
  • They gained a greater understanding of their role and their interconnections in the team.
  • It reduced silos, took a more team approach.
  • They gained a greater flexibility in using resources that led to a better balancing of priorities.
  • They agreed ground rules for behaviours for the senior team.

The end result was a much more collaborative, connected high performing team.