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Executive Coaching

Our coaching input transforms people’s performance - rapidly and strategically - in line with the organisation’s commercial and cultural requirements, as well as the individual’s performance needs and goals.

Every one of our solutions is bespoke, designed to suit the individual’s specific market sector, working environment, context and career objectives - as well as their personal style and attributes.

Our impressive team of executive coaches have been chosen for the quality of their business background, coaching experience, attitude and commitment to excellence.

Whether we are working with an individual or team coaching we look to:

  • Raise awareness

  • Increase capability

  • Change behaviours

We believe coaching makes a difference to people at work in three ways – as a leader/manager, as a peer/team member, and as an individual.  Coaching builds awareness of style, impact and skill, and broadens their options for how they want to ‘show up’ at work, both as a peer and as a manager.  In doing so, many people experience an internal, personal shift in awareness, confidence or focus.

We know that by developing a greater understanding themselves – their personal strengths and convictions as well as their shortcomings or vulnerabilities  - can help them become a more impactful, human and believable leader.

We take a person-centred approach, based on a belief that people have infinite capacity to achieve.  We draw on a range of coaching models to help clients understand themselves better, but we focus on their strengths and past successes as a basis for caching them to find solutions.